Haobang supply chain has established the e-commerce transportation and distribution service project since its establishment. Now it has used the logistics information system and the service network covering the key cities of the country to provide enterprises with the e-commerce platform warehousing transportation and distribution service, ensuring the last kilometer of customers. In order to enhance and solve the problem of customers' e-commerce platform warehousing site, Haobang supply chain has set up warehouse personnel in each e-commerce platform warehouse Service outlets / hubs have been set up in each large-scale e-commerce platform warehouse to provide customers with flexible and personalized services.

Relying on the service network and advanced information system, Haobang supply chain ensures that customers' products are efficiently and widely put into the supermarket channels, providing customers with door-to-door, warehouse to warehouse, remote allocation, regional distribution and other all-round services, reducing redundant sales links, and establishing brand advantages and price competitiveness. Customers will get more powerful product supply capacity, less inventory and faster order processing speed. In the same way, provide return and exchange services. For daily chemical industry, 3C industry, pregnant and baby industry and other consumer goods industry, Watsons, Wal Mart, RT mart and other supermarkets provide distribution services.


▲ 路途查询:使用大数据随时跟踪货物,随时反馈Road query: use big data to track the goods at any time, feedback at any time
 信息跟踪:TMS信息与企业信息系统同步,随时可查Information tracking :TMS information is synchronized with enterprise information system and can be checked at any time
▲ 提供上楼:提供专业上楼服务Provide upstairs: provide professional upstairs service
▲ 验货清点:帮助客户开箱验视,清点内件Check the goods: help the customer open the box and check the internal parts
▲ 代签回单:代签客户回单并返回Signed receipt: signed the customer receipt and returned
▲ 电子回单:电子直看代签回单Electronic receipt: electronic direct look at the signature receipt
 货物保险:所有货物均提供保运输服务Cargo insurance: all cargo is insured for transportation
▲ 短信通知:实时短信推送货物在途信息SMS notification: real-time SMS push information of goods in transit
▲ 运费到付:派送未端支付运费Freight payable at destination: freight payable before delivery